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Welcome to Pine Grove Stable website.

We are a small training stable located just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Pine Grove Stable is owned and operated by Shauna La Pierre and Stephen Parkin since 2003.

There a many elements to the  building up of trust between horse and trainer. Some of these elements include providing the horse with basic needs such as appropriate feed & care as well as providing space to roam and interact with other horses. Within training sessions horse need to be taught to be physically balanced through a logical progression of exercises. Physical balance promotes mental balance. The horse needs to know that he will be rewarded for his efforts and that he will not be asked to do anything that is too difficult for him.

The horse is an amazingly generous animal and with a thoughtful approach they will pay you back many fold. We owe it to them to be  knowledgeable and take whatever time it takes to develop our horsemanship skills as much as possible.

This website is new and we will be adding to it gradually so feel free to browse.